Gamapro (Gamagori Fan to Learn Project)

【Project Summary of Gamapro】
 In 2023, Gamagori City, DAOWORKS Co.,Ltd. and SunnyDAO formed "Gamagori Learners' Digital Community Promotion Consortium", and had been working to promote learners community as "DeSoc" from social education facilities such as science museums, history museums etc. This project is called "Gamagori Fan to Learn Project (commonly known as Gamapro)" and selected for the "Aichi Prefecture Smart City Model Project in 2023".

◆GAMAPRO (Gamagori Fan-to-Learn Project)
 ・Host:Gamagori Learners' Digital Community Promotion Consortium
  (Gamagori city, DAOWORKS Co.,Ltd. and SunnyDAO)
 ・DAOWORKS Co.,Ltd. Press Release:
 ・Gamagori city Press Release:
 ・Aichi prefecture Press Release:
 ・Gamagori Natural History Museum Press Release:
 ・"GAMAPRO World" Metaverse by Gamagori Learners' Digital Community Promotion Consortium (Spatial):
 ・Metaverse Event Digest Movie in GAMAPRO 2023 (Gamagori Natural History Museum's Youtube channel )
  -Movie of the Event on 10th, Dec. :
  -Movie of the Event on 17th, Dec. :
 ・Gamagori Natural History Museum Digital Community (Discord):