Exhibited a booth and spoke at Hatch Technology Fes. 2023!

On October 27 (Fri.) and 28 (Sat.), we exhibited a booth for two days at Hatch Technology Fes. 2023 @ Oasis 21 hosted by the City of Nagoya and gave an advanced technology booth pitch.
At the booth, we presented: 1) a multi-device (smartphone/VR goggles/PC) demonstration of the "Metaverse supervised by the Sea of Life Science Museum," a project being promoted with Gamagori City; 2) a concept exhibit of the "Arimatsu Shibori web3 Project," a project being studied with Kahei Takeda Shoten, an Arimatsu shibori (traditional Japanese textile manufacturer) established over 400 years ago; and 3) a presentation of the "Arimatsu Shibori web3 Project," a project that is expected to become commonplace in 10 years. We were pleased to have many visitors to the event.
Thank you very much for coming!

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